As CIC Trump has said in the past people should stop dying. This Ukraine thing needs to stop. This is an utter waste and counter productive to a positive future. What ever else may lie beneath the web of deceit in Ukraine will eventually be flushed out. So let’s stop the dying on both ends. This is not how things should be. We need to move forward in a more positive friendly manner.

I am including videos of all the damage happening in Ukraine. They are losing really badly no matter what the MSM and anyone else states. Once in a while they do gain ground but most of the time it is utter chaos and horrifying reality for the people of Ukraine. Once this manipulation by the sick globalist wanna be leader elites stop we can move to removing the experiments, and trafficking then punishing the people involved with all of these horrific abhorrent elicit activities.

There is much more that can be shared. Much of it is rather graphic.

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