Tucker Carlson

This is an exceptional aftermath analysis of the @TuckerCarlson interview w/ Putin given by Tucker himself. It is worth every minute watching and listening to (9:30 min).

This interview will be dissected by many (and rightly so) who need to better understand the drivers of war and peace, diplomacy and statecraft, global leadership and global power and who does and does not make decisions.

Speaking for myself, I found the interview fascinating, at times, somewhat confusing until I understood the key point—and Tucker states that in this analysis when he uses the word “wounded.”

In history, great powers compete, but there has always been a modicum of respect for their power. You would be an idiot to not respect the power, especially of the largest nuclear armed nation on the planet. And maybe that’s the point. While we have “smart” people in key positions in the USG, as I’ve learned in my own lifetime of experiences, smart people do stupid things all the time…and boy have we done some really dumb things since the end of the Cold War when it comes to Russia.

Imagine if we had invited Russia to become a NATO member nation? What a completely different world would we live in now.

But no, we must maintain a bogeyman and that now has us on the potential brink of nuclear war. That’s the definition of stupid.

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