Elvy Edison Callaway (1889-1981) was a Lawyer, Archaeologist, Preacher, and Florida’s 1936 Republican nominee for Governor. “In The Beginning” declares that Adam and Eve had their Genesis in the Americas, not Eurasia. More specifically, Florida (and the Southeast U.S.) was the setting for all of the Book of Genesis leading up to the departure of Noah on The Ark. After Noah landed in Eurasia, the names of places and related “myths” were handed down through the generations but the true Garden (Florida) was forgotten. Evidence presented is as follows:

  • World’s most hospitable Climate
  • Largest Concentration of freshwater Springs in the World
  • River of 4 Heads (Apalachicola / Chattahoochee River System – NOWHERE ELSE)
  • Every Tree pleasing to the Sight
  • Good Gold of Havilah (Georgia Gold Belt)
  • Bdellium of Florida and Georgia (Pine Rosin)
  • Onyx Stone (Tate Marble Quarry, GA)
  • Age of Appalachian Mountains (Oldest Mountain Range in the World)
  • Remains and Evidence of The Giants (abundant evidence)
  • Fossilized remains of Primeval Man (multiple examples)
  • Fossilized remains of every Mammal there has ever been (Ashley Phosphate Beds, Florida Fossils)
  • Fossilized Honeybee
  • Duration of Noah’s voyage (150 days) is indicative of an Atlantic Crossing (America to Eurasia)
  • Gulf Stream + Tradewinds carried The Ark from Florida to Eurasia
  • Ancient Anchor Stones (Saxer Stones of FL + Arzap Drogue Stones)
  • Much much more…

This book demands the consideration of every American, Christian, and Critical-Thinker. It is time we stop exporting our faith to foreign wastelands.

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