DEW Directed Energy Weapons

There is a huge amount of information here. Please take the time to look over all of it. I spent a very long time gathering this information so you can be aware of what really happened. Look at all the images. Watch all the videos. You see direct proof of DEWs being used on people. A dog on the street suddenly burned instantly right where it stood probably barking a warning to desperately attempt to help. Boats offshore were completely burnt to the ground. These people are the worst of the worst. I would not even call them people they are creatures, daemons, just not human period.

They tried to make it look like “real forest fires” by allowing power lines to fall over with live wires. There is video evidence of this below. Just outstandingly horrible. They did everything they could to block help and kill people who tried to help the people trapped there. The people who were winning the fight by using their hoses in the house and the few firemen fighting with them suddenly had no water. It was shut off by the people in charge. Let the sink in people. They left the power lines live to spark more fires and then shut off the water because people were winning against the fires. Evidence below. Wake up people this is the world they want for you.

They want you to be a slave to them. Live in their 15 minutes cities. And be beholden to the government or elites because growing your own food, have a way to get water, or any way to be independent will not be allowed. This is why they are shutting down the farms in Europe. This is why they are burning everything you see so as to move people into the cities. Then boom you live in the old Ghettos Hitler put together in Poland. Look them up before they hide that information from you.

Wake up and wake everyone else up around you. You all have been brainwashed. Push and slap many others to see the truth staring them in the face.

MAUI A video posted on August 8 at 6-43 am by a Lahaina power lines sparking just before the big blazes. Total proof the left the power on on purpose.
Video proof of DEWs being used in Maui

IFA035 – Making Science Fiction a Reality: Future Directed Energy Weapons

Owner of Lahaina ‘miracle house’ that was only one spared by devastating Maui wildfire shares secrets of how the $4M property survived

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