In case you had any doubts where the Biden Administration stands on a mentally deranged transsexual executing Christian children, the little black lesbian White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre spells it out for you:

From Fox News:

Just days after the shooting that killed six people at The Covenant School, Jean-Pierre insisted that transgender people were the ones “under attack” on Thursday…

Considering the sympathy liberals heaped on Muslims after 9/11, this is the expected response from the Democrats after hearing a half dozen people were murdered in a suicide terror attack, even with three of them being just nine years old.

Jean-Pierre responded to a question regarding the upcoming “Trans Day of Visibility” as well as Republican legislation to ban transgender procedures for children. She insisted that “anti-LGBTQ bills” seen throughout the country prove how the trans community is being attacked.

Liberals appear to all agree that the new law in Tennessee stopping surgical mutilations of children and the grooming of children by drag queens (BTW why do we call them “Drag Queens?” Shouldn’t they be called “Drag Clowns?” That’s what they look like to me, evil clowns.) was likely a key factor in the Covenant School massacre, and implying that more violence is coming.

According to “liberal logic” anytime someone objects to their increasingly aggressive agenda transsexuals are being “attacked.” This is a popular leftist tactic called, gaslighting.

“And so, it is shameful, it is disturbing, and our hearts go out to the those — the trans community as they are under attack right now, but this is a president who has said many times before he has their backs. [Biden] will continue to have their backs and he will continue to fight for them, and his record shows that,” Jean-Pierre said.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn famously said: “Evil people always support each other. That is their chief strength.”

Then there’s this quote from Voltaire which also applies: “If you can convince another of an absurdity, you can convince them to commit an atrocity”

The crazed transgender shooter left a manifesto laying out the motives for the atrocity, however authorities have refused release it, undoubtedly because it confirms what we already all know, it was a religious hate crime. But since progressives are making no secret of siding with the killer, there isn’t much point in keeping it hidden.

Transsexuals currently occupy the top tier of the cultural Marxist caste system. Considering the reaction of the transsexual community to the Nashville massacre and the insane pretense that they are somehow oppressed we’ll be seeing even more violence in the near future, .

Via Not the Bee:

After Monday’s mass shooting at the K-6 school at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, trans activists are doubling down on calls for bloodshed, putting their support behind the murderous woman who took the lives of 6 people.

This follows a rise in threats leading up to this week, which has been branded by activists as a “Trans Week of Visibility.”

This week of protests and violence is supposed to be capped by a “Trans Day of Vengeance” outside the Supreme Court on Saturday.

Even trans militants might have enough taste not to go through with this in light of Nashville. But if the reaction from the progressives is any indication, the massacre at the Covenant School will cause violent participation to increase.

Here’s what trans activists want vengeance for:

Much of the trans activist outcry comes around laws that protect kids from genital mutilation or hormone injections as minors, as well as laws that prevent teachers from forcing sexual ideology on children who are too young for such conversations.

And with the taxpayer-funded NPR egging these people on to arm up the way Audrey Hale did, the message is clear.

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By Jaz McKay

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