The Nashville police reacted with precision and professionalism taking down a monster.

Harrowing footage released by police shows Officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo charging Monday morning into the Covenant School and taking out a shooter who’d just killed three 9-year-olds and three adults and was unleashing bullets from an upper window.

Within 3 minutes of arriving, they’d hunted down and fatally shot the attacker – announcing to their comrades: “Suspect down! Suspect down!”

“These officers demonstrated what the American police officer is capable of when given the right equipment, the right training and the appropriate mindset,” former DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone said.

Indeed, the decisive actions by Engelbert and Collazo may offer a “textbook” lesson as police train to limit the carnage of America’s seemingly inevitable next mass shooting. Meantime, exposing the officers’ willing risk could help flip long-running skepticism among police about what behind-the-scenes behavior body-worn cameras might catch – while enticing more changemakers to the profession.

First-person video of Engelbert and Collazo’s response is an example of getting the word out as to exactly what police officers are facing when they get a call like this. There have been terrible things shown on police body cameras.

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