Fauci and MasksFauci and Masks

Fauci and Birx were allowed to be front and center. Trump knew exactly what was going on. If you watch any of the press briefings during the initial COVID time you would see Trump in the background glaring at these two nit wits. They hung themselves, the FDC, WHO, and other agencies and people bu their actions and words on stage. Trump thwarted the their long term lock down plans by pushing the vax through.

By pushing the vax through he saved billions of lives. Yeah you read that right billions. Making them push their plans up faster and faster and faster. Thus making them more obvious to the normies and sheeple sleeping in the brainwashed goo in their fat melons. You need to understand Fauci stated it directly to the people. They were going to lock everything down until they felt it was needed to gain the proper level of control. All by the pushing of fear and health guilt lies.

Once they had sufficient control you would be forced to take the vax. Dose after dose after dose. Then people would die off like flies and they can blame it all on the “variants”. This is how they tried the fear tactic in the first place. Since they could not make a law to force everyone to take it their agenda blew up in their faces because the unvaxed never got sick.

Since there were so many people that stood up against them and didn’t die like they said they would their agenda flopped like a billion dollar shitty movie. Imagine that these well laid plans all fouled by a simple push to a fast vax release. Trump knew their plans. Trump knew how to trap them in their own complicity. Trump knew how to make people aware of their plans and agendas, well the people who were sorta awake or waking up.

Now the idea is to wake the sheeple and the normies and the don’t bother me people. Once 60 percent of these people know things will go way better. Isreal and the US are last because these places are the haven for the deep state. These people need to be found and found immediately. Sometimes when you trap a few more come out of the woodwork lol. So these things are taking a bit longer than thought.

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