Ashlee Babbitt Shooting January 6th

When I watched all this live I knew there was something fishy about the whole situation. The whole idea that patriots broke into one of the most secure buildings in the world for what and with what. As you watched the crowd all over the place they marched from a far distance to get where they were. They were not carrying backpacks or anything that can hold weapons. This was done on purpose to show they were no threat.

Many of the people who were close to the capital started out really early and didn’t realize where the area Trump was speaking was really at. You heard them on their live feeds saying as such because they had never been to DC before. I had been to DC once before a few years back on a business trip but via the subway. I only knew a few places and found some of the other famous monuments to see.

I heard on someones live that the police escorted a few bus loads of people in black gear to the front of the capital building. Everyone was really confused at the situation. But they stayed calm and did what they could to document what was going on. Most of the people on the ground were highly suspicious as well. Some even told others to stay away from the capital building. The people that saw what went down with the buses and heard the warnings stayed away.

The few that went up to the doors were astonished that these guys were allowed with impunity to bash windows to try and break in. The Capital Police were just sitting there around the corner of what was going down doing nothing. A few patriots were like look around the corner they are breaking into our building. These sick people are ruining our building, the peoples building. But they stood there and did nothing.

Watch this video to see the actors in on the whole thing. The people behind the masks took them off and acted like patriots and also tried to whip people up into a frenzy. This footage is comprised of several peoples posted videos on social media, before they were taken down. They show a different story than the one portrayed. Keep your mind open and pay close attention.

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