There is so much about that day that is wrong. The fact that Trump told Pelosi to get the National Guard he reserved for the capital and she didn’t. The fact that the Antifa people were bused directly in front of the capital building, and escorted into position by the feds and police. This stinks like a massive setup as screamed by so many patriots that day.

There are hundreds of videos online and on this site about that day. You just need to dig for them. Some are posted under stuff you may have missed, They don’t want you to know, and other article/subjects. You will see that Antifa broke into the capital with weapons given to them from people on the inside of the building. The were told to go to certain places in the building because they were softer targets.

They went there and broke in via lower windows in offices. This is unprecedented in the history of the United States. These people were paid to do this kind of work. These people were brought in from around the world to make this trouble and blame it on the protestors. Unfortunately people fell for the idea of protesting inside the building.

This allowed the Democrats and their allies in congress to blame everything on the protestors. Then they would just slam through the electors and done. Then ban Trump and many others from social media that actually have the proof that it was Antifa and those thugs who caused this strife. Then blame it all on Trump and his desire to stay as president. Because these sick bastards were pushing the idea to the public that Trump would never leave the White House or power.

So stop falling for the bull shit they are slinging at you. Look at the real evidence presented here and in other places. We broke the Ashlee Babbitt murder before so many others. Please look back at the videos. The dates are not too far back from there. Once you learn the real truth you can correct those who have been brainwashed. Because once the proof is out and people actually see it the waking begins. The understanding that the government is wholly corrupt along with the fake media.

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