Isaac Kappy

We have reported many times in the past about Issac and his information he has put out. We talked about his murder oh “sorry suicide”. Please look back at all those previous articles. We get in deep into this pedophilia in so many articles. Yeah this is nasty stuff but if you don’t know or understand then this will keep happening. This must all stop period and the people must be held responsible. The consequences are execution or life in prison no exceptions.

This is a literal movie of Issac talking the truth of what is and has been going on around the world and Hollywood. This is a must to know period. You need to know so you can see who is perpetrating in these crimes against humanity. Learn about this for if not for yourself but to save those innocent children forced into such circumstances.

The only way to stop this is to know and understand this exists and here are the signs. You MUST learn you MUST get over the apprehension otherwise there is no use in trying to stop this in any way. The world is huge and there are so many people. Once you learn the signs and how to stop this this will not happen in the rampant way it is happening now. Then these people will be caught and brought to trial and the appropriate measures will be taken for their punishments.

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