Even now, with all we know and with Covid petering out, we still see crap this:

It’s somewhat reminiscent of when Stacy Abrams (the election denier who used to think she was Governor of Georgia) posed in front of a group of schoolchildren with no mask.

This is pure political incompetence because we knew from early on that Covid was not a significant threat at all to children and that the masks in fact did great harm to them.

Comments from Not the Bee,

• Forcing children to wear masks is child abuse.

• Forcing them to wear a mask while you, as an adult, don’t wear a mask because of your superior status, is elitist hypocrisy.

• Forcing children to mask up while you dance and smile and use them for a photo-op is disgusting exploitation.

If the Covid tyrant’s like Kathy Hochul could get reelected after all she’s done to the state of New York, she’s got nothing to about. Why should she care how it looks, or what impression she leaves on voters? Much like California, New York is so deep into the Democrat Party Death Spiral that nothing can harm the ruling class of the state.

The reason is simple, high taxes and suffocating regulations that accompany Democrat Party power and control drive out enough productive citizens and those who remain can be counted on to vote for even higher taxes so as to attain ever more freebies, driving more & more citizens to move in a vicious cycle that does not stop until the entire state has become Detroit — which was once the wealthiest city in America.

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By Jaz McKay

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