Katy Perry

What the literal hell are these people doing on stage. What kind of sick ritual are the audience members taking part in and not really knowing. This is some seriously sick stuff. And to top this off it really looks like Katy is a malfunctioning robot, no seriously look at her in these videos.

Stop worshiping these people, it only makes them and their beastly Gods stronger. These people are sick self centered Satan worshipers. Katy has admitted to it in the past, so have many other artists who just blatantly come right out and state this. They are horrible people who sell themselves to get what they most desire in life. All these people are as such devil worshiping sick bastards.

Stop falling for their charms and think for yourselves. Get out of the fog you are in and think outside the box of the narrative that is pushed on you by media, entertainment and the politicians. Run away from it all to a quite space to make sure you can live another day outside of their influence. You will wake up you will see their games and you will move on.

Katy Perry Satanic Ritual
Katy Perry Flashing The Demon Horns

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