The feds suck trillions of dollars out of your pocket every year through taxation and inflation. In return for what it takes from us, it has a one single, solitary, primary job: to defend our border from a foreign invasion. However the traitors to our nation who are for now in control, not only willfully neglects this duty, it prevents sovereign states from taking even minor steps to do that job themselves:

The Biden administration has demanded that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey remove the shipping containers he had stacked to plug the gaps in former President Donald Trump’s incomplete border wall, but Ducey’s office is remaining resolute, citing a “lack of coordination” from federal agencies and stating “the containers will remain in place” until the feds provide “specific details” of their plan to secure the state’s border.

In a letter to the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, Allen Clark, director of Arizona’s Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, claimed border states “cannot rely on the federal government to ensure its security.”

We currently have almost 5 million known illegal invaders in our country since the Biden Regime took power. They have so conspicuously failed to perform their single duty that it no longer qualifies as a legitimate government. (Yes, I just called the Biden Administration illegitimate, somebody should call the FBI and turn me in) The money it confiscates from us is not taxation but outright theft.

But think about that number, 5 million illegal aliens, that we know of.

To put that into perspective, if those illegal aliens Biden has already imported to displace natural born citizens were to start their own city, it would be second in size to New York. And with the border effectively open at this moment it’s a number that grows each day.

And we are not even getting the best of the best from the Third World, we’re getting people so desperate that they show up at someone else’s back door and break in, exploiting their own helplessness the way conquering armies of the past used guns and ammo.

Some will survive, pull themselves up by their own boot straps and a make good life, but Biden’s handlers know full well that most of them will not. That is exactly what they want, a permanent underclass, dependent on government handouts in order to advance the Cloward/Piven Strategy and drive us into economic ruin. If they were not expected to be reliant on government handouts for generations to come, they could not be counted on to vote Democrat, and consequently would not be allowed into the country.

The United States of America will never be the same.

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By Jaz McKay

Jaz McKay is a long time veteran of Talk Radio, a story teller, a public speaker, an activist, and is the administrator, editor and publisher of The Deplorable Patriot website. He lives in Bakersfield, California with his wife and their dog and two cats. He’s been called the Uncommon Voice of the Common Man and is a Super Spreader of the Truth.