Vaccine ProfitVaccine Profit

There is nothing more suspicious than than the whole world’s media and politicians saying the exact same thing. It is creepy and seriously scary if you really think about it. When you see the local news people state the exact same words on the exact same night all over the US.

Now we need to look into how this is possible. We need to also see where these messages actually come from. I think if we really look, we will see the unelected wanna be leaders are the ones pushing these messages buy money and blackmail.

The normies and sheeple really need to be told about some of this information. We try as much as we can to educate people who have been brainwashed and still allow themselves to be brainwashed. This needs to get out so this never ever happens again. I am saving all the files, videos, images, and documents that I come across so history cannot be stolen again. I suggest more people do this. there is going to be a massive reckoning when these sleeping idiots really get the point. They will tar and feather some of these sick bastards. I simply cannot wait for this to happen.

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