Does this mean that someone actually admits there are massive problems? If people are getting paid this means that they admit there are problems. This means they lied to the public over and over again. Other governments are still lying to their people. The MSM are complicate with all of this as well.

So the proof is out there now. The US government, senate, congress, CDC, Fauci, and the rest of the scum bags all knew and were in the consent to continue to kill/murder, maim, injure, infect with unbelievable diseases, and more. These are crimes against humanity Nuremberg Code violations. These people also went against US laws as well stating no one shall be forced to take an experimental drug against their will, coercion.

What is next? Who will be arrested first? Will it be very public? Will it make a difference? Will this event actually wake people up? Too many question to ask. But one thing I do understand is that you never show your hand to an enemy when you are about to take them down.

It may seem rough and tumble these days. It may seem like things are not going well and may never change but behind the scenes things are and have already changed. Things are being dripped out to the public. You would not see so many people getting busted for child trafficking. You would not see so many other things going down either. You just need to look further than the MSM. The MSM naturally don’t want you to know any of this is going on because they are complicate in all of this.

The government at all levels, the MSM, the government agencies, and the corporations are complicate in this scheme to depopulate and take our rights away from us. I have mentioned before watch the movie Elysium. It is a perfect representation what the NWO, WEF, and the rest of the unelected so called Global Leaders want for us as the plebeians NS awns in this game of theirs. They want mass depopulation and to enslave the rest of us. Then they can do as they please to us and themselves.


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