Imagine that another Demonrat caught in a rape case. These people are in government because they have already done something terrible. These people are in DC because the terrible things they have done are so bad that others have blackmail on them.

They in turn probably have dirt on others as well. When you see a politician thrown to wolves this means he pissed off the entire cult and did not do as they were told. Well this goes for this guy someone leaked out the truth and evidence on this guy. Now he is in shit trouble with no way out.

This should teach you a lesson do not ever go against the cult, kabal, Satanic gang, etc… They will either kill you, take all you money then kill you, make you go to jail for a very long time, etc… Their ways are terrible and ruthless. These people only care to gain and keep power and wealth. If you get in the way in the slightest you are gone.

Former Democrat Lawmaker Charged with First Degree Rape

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