Who would not love to be at two places at one time. I would love to travel and go on an amazing vacation but have a slight interruption so as to be the speaker at a meeting somewhere in the world teaching people what ever is needed. Man it would be awesome to be able to do this.

This device is used right now to this day to show you people are places where they are not. This goes for interviews and more. You can even make the person being projected look and sound like someone else, no mask needed. Yeah you read that correctly Fake News is really Fake as hell. These people do anything to make you think that there is

The people (unelected so called leaders) who wish to be in charge use this kind of subterfuge to push their agendas. These people are the leaders of WEF, UN, and other Globalist bull shit organizations that have absolutely no desire to help you, me or anyone except themselves.

This means the depopulation agenda. The control agenda where you will own nothing and be slave to them for everything including food and water. You will not be allowed to have a garden or make your own water from the air. These people will live in the high life with a forever life span by use of cloning and other techniques.

I you have not seen the movie Elysium then you are missing the point that these sick bastards want you to be at. This movie show you that robots will keep security and bend people to do the “Elites” desires and needs. I strongly encourage you to watch this movie because when you do you will start to connect dots you never knew were even possible to be connected. Once you see this movie or if you have already seen this movie please comment below. We love hearing from anyone who visits our site.

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