This should be interesting indeed. You think the Roe V Wade thing was a cluster frack just wait till you see what happens when this gets out. Just wait man. I am certain the Constitution is clear who creates the elections laws.

This comes from the time of just after the Real Insurrection on November 3rd 2020. This comes from a lawsuit created by Texas stating the other states that created elections in an unconstitutional manner. This suite will tell who has the right and is assigned by the Constitution.

By the way if you read the Constitution you can understand it in the first go. It was written in a fashion allows that anyone can read and understand it, plane English and not double speak of the current court system.

What is needing to happen is that the people of this country need to go to a mandatory Constitutional law and God given rights class for at least a week. If this is not done I feel these same problems and evils will reel its ugly head in the future. We need to make sure everyone understand how this got out of control because if these people do not wake up and see what they have participated in and encouraged by voting for these policies.

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