We have reported many times in the last couple years about voter fraud and the real insurrection on November 3rd 2020. The people who perpetrated the fraud committed sedition, treason and other high crimes both state and federal.

Every single person who committed fraud should be sent to a military tribunal. If found guilty shall be appropriately punished. The thing most people need to understand is that for the 202 election as well as others there were foreign elements that pushed certain candidates. This and mass cheating has been going on for decades now.

We as in citizens knew something was terribly wrong with our election system but were always told the fraud was within acceptable parameters. The problem with this is the point we have accepted fraud for all these decades without even a blink of an eye. My problem is if there was a small amount of proven fraud this means there was a ton of fraud that never was proven or just plane covered up by people at all levels.

There has been many very public prosecutions of people “caught” perpetrating fraud. I am convinced that these people were fall guys to lull the public into thinking fraud is minimal and when seen in large amount will be caught and prosecuted. This whole thing is a ruse to allow them to cheat in even more different ways getting their technique down making it look like anomalies or what they call anomalies.

Fraud is fraud and any election that has any kind of proven fraud should be thrown out and re-voted again. This means that the election is entirely invalid at all levels. There must be investigations started and these investigations must be transparent and open to the public. This means we as the public MUST attend as many meetings and keep up with the information gathered or we will go right back to the same thing we have now. Our current government is holy and entirely corrupt from top to bottom and inside out.

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