I am not sure if we covered the mass livestock deaths around the country and the world for that fact. If you know anything about cows they are extremely hardy and withstand almost anything.

For goodness sake they used to be moved across the country by cowboys to be sold at market, On these journeys they survived storms lightning and more. So there is no way they would die in the tens of thousands from heat they normally can take.

Just think about the implications of mass die off of meat, the elimination of farmland, the elimination of food processing plant, What are the implications and desires of the nefarious folks pulling these stuns?

Well of course to starve us. They want us to be controlled and in minimal numbers. These people want to be able to continue to perpetrate crimes against humanity of all sorts without impunity. They want you to be scared and controlled and do what they say or else.

Once their depopulation plans have succeeded they will have already pushed us into cities where they will control everything. No one will have a way to grow food. No one will have a way to make and get fresh water. It will be just like their predictive programming in the movie Elysium. If you are not familiar with that movie you should watch it. It is an eye opener after you know their plans.

Rancher Warns Mass Cattle Deaths Are an ‘Inside Job’ Designed To Cause Food Shortages

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