sheeple maskssheeple masks

The privilege to get the most amazing booster the “SUPER BOOSTER” would be the best, for all these leftist sheeple. Man oh man oh man this looks like the biggest death jab of all time. I just cannot fathom what would make anyone go and get this jab.

The sheeple will surely get it. I pray for them all but I refuse to feel bad for them. Especially now after all this information has gotten out even to the outlets they watch. The MSM has let a few things slip in the last few months.

It is mind boggling to see my neighbor still support the current direction of the COVID event. I refuse to call it anything else. I cannot believe there are still people riding around in the car alone with a mask on. Thank goodness not too many people are but there are still those whacked out sheeple few for sure. Those are the people that will shiv you if you disagree with their views.

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