Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

What the literal hell people. Nine year old children don’t even know what they want to eat. They surely don’t know what a penis and vagina are for and should never know this.

The reason they are doing this is to groom the children. Because if the kids are used to touching themselves why not allow adults to help them touch themselves. What do you think sick pedos do?

We have reported repeatedly that these people want this. They still want this, it is part of their religion. You know Satanic rituals and other sick mind blowing acts. Freemasonry and Scientology, and Kazarian Jews are all Satanic worshipers.

These people exists. This religion exists. They really do worship Mollock and the Baphamet. This is another reason why they are pushing gay and lesbian and transgenderism because it is part of their religion. They target kids because it gives them power and lots of power.

Don’t foll yourself. If you refuse to read about this it will not make these people go away. It will not make their actions against the innocent go away. Their satanic actions push the level of consciousness down in the world making people zombies and sheeple who obey everything they are told to do.

Stop all this in the by not participating in their push of fear. Stop watching their propaganda networks. Stop buying the goods and services from those companies that clearly support Satanic rituals and beliefs. There are plenty of alternate companies especially local companies are the best to choose to spend your money at. Make them pay with you paying someone else.

Washington state school board director to teach sexual ‘pleasure’ class to 9-year-olds at sex shop

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