Illegal DrugsIllegal Drugs

This girl is seriously screwed up in the head. She is a crack addict like her brother. She and her brother were abused by their father, Joe Biden. She took showers with her dad as a child. This alone is sick and deprave. What the hell else happened?

This diary is a long saga of her attempt to recover from her addictions. I ask you why did all the children of this family become addicted to drugs and alcohol? Why is it all children of the rich and famous turn out to be drug and alcohol user or addicts? Why is it there are so many actors, musicians, politicians, and other famous people addicted to drugs and alcohol?

There is one main reason, they belong to a sick Satanic cult. They really are not elite they are just in a cult and make it seem they are elite with their money and power. But if you are honest with yourself we give them their money and power. So here is an idea let’s stop doing this and watch what happens.

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