Death For PedophilesDeath For Pedophiles

The federal government and those idiot liberals push these ideas. Some don’t realize but others really know what will happen and want it to happen. You see the fucking sick evil fucks who push these ideas do it so later they can blame the happenings on others because people forget who allowed this shit to start in the first place.

This let boys in the girls bathrooms will never help the real boys who really want to cross dress, because they are actually gay. This policy and allowance will only pervert these boys into thinking since they are in the girls room they can act and do what they please with their man parts. This includes raping girls and more.

If you think about it back in the day when men were caught in the girls room they were perverts so who the fuck do you think will take the option of going into the girls bathrooms and locker rooms? This is seriously sick and unconscionable.

Now make these schools do this in order to get Federal money for lunch. This is sick as fuck and blatant extortion. This makes people, I hope think three times taking money from the fed. These people only want power and it is plane and clear.

Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money

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