Flag of United Nations

This is seriously loony. This mean Biden wants the globalist unelected leaders to take over the world now. This is on the eve of the May 22-28 WHO UN meeting to vote to take over the worlds health reaction to pandemics. You know the pandemics they choose are the real pandemics.

There is nothing more terrifying that the tyrannical reach of unelected people in charge of your life. These people do not need to take into consideration your needs, wants, freedoms, or anything. They will do what they please to gain and stay in power.

Where do you think this is going to lead to? We have been saying for a while these people want depopulation. This way they can control you more easily especially if you are stuck getting boosted, money, food, and all your needs from them. They will make your life hell and with their power you cannot do anything against them.

Now we out number them enormously. This is why they are moving slowly and trying not to give away what their true intentions really are. If you become and over night billionaire you will need to be indoctrinated into the clubs. If you are not they will off you and take your riches and power. They have this much influence over all powerful people.

It is not an if this will happen, it is a patter of when this will happen. The WHO and UN will override the rights and sovereignty of the 198 countries who signed this crappy treaty. This means that there is no way out for marshal law around the world. Make no mistake this is a planned event. These sick people want you dead and the live ones controlled.

Michele Bachmann warns Biden maneuvering to cede US health prerogatives to World Health Organization

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