Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

There are pedophiles all over the world. Some are more disgusting and deviant than others. Some are more Satanic and outlandish in behavior.

You know how bad these things are and how much these are being covered up is because the only way to see them is on an internet archive site. This proves that governments, politicians, elites, billionaires, millionaires, … so very many of them are pedos and don’t want this to get out. Why, because they have not made pedophilia as a normal thing yet, despite the attempts.

All of these sick attempts to normalize pedo shit like indoctrinating 4 year olds to touching each other and talking about sex and even touching the teacher. Where these sick guys claiming they are woman but are just deviant bastards who rape children and woman. Real transgender en are gay and would never go to the woman’s bathroom, just think about that. These people are all gay, you know homosexuals. The real transgender cross dressers are gay not deviant sick fucks like what the demonrats, liberals, progressives are trying to push.

Just look at the movies and history in movies and TV shows. How over time they moved in more sex, nudity, women and men kissing, and more. They push the pedo symbols on everything with kids especially in Disney shows and movies. They push the Satanic agenda in more and more shows, music videos, movies, commercials, athletes, politicians, and more. They are all related to power, money and control.

Many people don’t realize how bad the world religions really are. Much of the Catholic church are Satanists especially the bishops, pope, priests, and everyone else. Yeah I said this they are all satanic sick pedo fucks. This information will be coming out soon along with much much more. We post this information so that you as a person are not shocked into crazy behavior like riots and such. If this information isn’t dribbled out people will go nuts. Especially when they hear that their retirements and private and public pensions are all gone. This is a slight left turn but you gotta know this stuff.

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