Child Trafficking Pedos Must Die

The demonrats, RINOs, and globalists have been slowly moving towards this agenda. The NWO Globalist agenda. They have said this so many times in the past. All you need to do is look at previous articles on this site, look on Google even, Youtube. The evidence is everywhere.

You need to educate yourself about the horrid behavior and wish these sick fucks have for this planet. If you don’t educate yourself how in the hell will this ever be prevented again in the future. This is how they can hide their crimes because people are to squirmy, and rightly so about these subjects. But everyone needs to know what is and has been happening for a very long time. This shit cannot be allowed to ever happen again. Our kids must be eventually taught about this so that means you as parents need to know this information.

Yeah this is disgusting mind bending stuff. How do you think these people were allowed to get to this amount of power and prominence? Because people literally did nothing about it. It was allowed to fester and then it was added to by the ignorance and ignoring by the general public. There has been many high profile pedo busts in the past why have there not been much outcry over those few that were done?

I leave you with those thoughts people. You need to make sure you process this information. There is plenty here to think about. We all need to rise up and educate the rest of thee public to make sure this will not ever happen again.

You need to watch this on youtube because it conatins footage from NFL.The Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine. (Pt. 2) An interview with Alix Aharon

High school choir teacher charged with 9 counts of criminal sexual assault of student

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