If you are jobless and have been for a very long time. If you have only made minimum wage or slightly higher your whole life join this organization. If you never made 30 dollars an hour come join these people.

If you are willing to be associated with SOROS and other NGO, BLM, Antifa groups you are for them. You are selfish and only wish to prosper on everyone else’s back. If you careless about other people livelihoods, lives, and goods you are perfect for these positions. If you hate this country like we brainwashed you to think you are perfect kind of sheeple they are looking for.

The very minute we look at your history of in and out of jail. The point of being unemployable because you are just an ass wipe who cannot stop being a piece of shit. This means you get the job right away and you money goes straight onto your debit card.

We will keep

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