Hunter BidenHunter Biden

Who is Hunter Biden. Who wants to dive into this crazy guys life. It was pretty nuts just watching him piss away everything, life, relationships, kids, love, health, … All the while not facing the demons making him do these sorts of things.

Frankly he is a train wreck waiting to happen again. I am sure as glad to not be around him in any way. I am glad to say I know nothing of this person and never met him. Because just the association is enough to drag you down with him. This is not the whole story either just what the media could get away with. Probably just to make you feel sorry for him.

Check out the four part video. It is pretty crazy man. And as usual please comment below if you have more information or thoughts on this subject.

Who Is Hunter Biden Part 1

Who Is Hunter Biden Part 2

Who Is Hunter Biden Part 3

Who Is Hunter Biden Part 4

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