Guess what, the people of Ukraine are actually happy Russia has finally made a move. The Neo Nazis have been reeking havoc in Ukraine for decades and got worse under Obama because he funded those sick fucks.

The media has lied, as usual to people about what is going on in Ukraine and the sheeple are falling for this shit hook line and sinker. I have seen many people change their avatar to the Ukraine flag. So this means they support child sex trafficking, Neo Nazis, bio weapons, CIA Corruption, and more and they don’t even know or they do. If they do then they should be taken into custody and questioned for their allegiance.

The elites and politicians that proclaim support for the Ukrainians and their government should be arrested and questioned their connection with these type of crimes and corruption. As usual please comment below we really want to hear from you.

Journalist Inside Eastern Ukraine: ‘People Here Are Extremely Grateful Russia Finally Did Something’ (Video)

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