Woman Going CrazyWoman Going Crazy

There is a massive difference between conservatives and liberals/progressives/demonrats. First conservative will never say or wish another person ill will just because they disagree with them. On the other hand the Brain Dead Liberals will push for harm to others who disagree and talk back with facts and not feelings.

I remember Ronald Reagan saying this very thing will happen. I remember reading these things in books. I remember having to deal with people like this all my life. I just cannot understand how people become like this.

The funny thing is the majority of the parents around the world teach their children conservative ideas and values. How do these children and their parents go ahead an flipping vote liberal demonrats. It is unreal. Oh I know the MSM in fact all media brainwash people to think that the GOP/conservatives are racists, sick. psycho, violent, … What ever they feel is a good word to use to apply to conservative values they will do.

Texas Middle School Teacher Caught On Video: ‘Those Conservative Christian People, They Need To Die. They Need To Get COVID And Die’

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