Nasal SprayNasal Spray

So this look like a great idea. We have been talking about this and pills coming. The pills are her and now nasal spray. What the hell folks seriously.

Taking this spray will most certainly penetrate the blood brain barer. A large amount of the spray will pass by that vulnerable point directly in the back of the throat. This will allow it to have more of a chance to soak past the membrane.

They are going to want to test the amount of this stuff in your system in order to be compliant. The same goes for the pill. This means they can literally put anything in the spray or pill and you would still have to take it in order to work, buy food, get paid from work, breathe, …

This is insanity and it must stop. Please comment below your thoughts on this and the pill. Did you even know this shit was coming? We love to hear from our readers/subscribers. Thanks for stopping by.

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