Antifa RiotersAntifa Rioters

It is curious why all of a sudden the CDC wants to talk about masks. Well it is obvious they are trying to see if they can setup for riot season. You know if masks are mandated again and these idiot blue states abide by these suggestions then you know the riots will be rolled right back out.

Why the hell will they riot in the first place? Well why else to distract the sheeple from things they don’t want you to know about. And if things slip out and the sheeple see this damaging info they push the riots to make people forget about these interesting damaging bits of information.

Just remember folks if we keep up the pressure from all direction not just the military direction we can wipe the people from the face of the Earth. This CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN EVER.

All politicians MUST RETIRE. If they are not indited and sent to a military tribunal they need to step down. They will no longer be able to run for office ever. They will never be allowed to have anything to do with government in any way at all, this includes getting government contracts, secretary of politician, or anything in anyway linking directly to government. Their families will not be allowed to be in the government for at least two generations. There might be even more rules but these is bare minimum.

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