Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

How in the world has this happened? Seriously how the flipping hell can a college teach this kind of agenda let alone allow these people who teach this sort of thing into their organization. The only sense is money, bribes, and more of the same looking like something else.

Let me pose a question. If your neighbor went to your 6 year old and had a bunch of conversations with them out in the open and in front of everyone. They never go near them or touch them so your think nothing of it. But in a couple days your 6 year old asks how well you please mommy may change her mood. What would you do if you knew the only other person your child talked to was your respectful non-touching neighbor? What would you call that person, whether they were male or female?

This same things goes with the idea of CHILDREN in the middle school or even the high school. Their teacher provides a pizza party. As shown below it represents girls. Now just think about this for a second. How is this even appropriate in anyway. This is not progressive, liberal or any other bullshit excuse it is plane pedophilia right in your face.

This sort of behavior should never be allowed by anyone outside the parents. The parents know when, where, and what to talk to their children about. This is why they are the parents. And of course if the parents abuse their children then they will be outed, prosecuted and jailed for their disgusting deeds. The same should go for these perverted teachers and school board members and administrators. They all need to be sent to jail with out possibility of parole. There is no excuse to let this happen at any level.

What are your thought on this? Please comment below. I know this is a rough horrid subject but it needs to be talked about because pedophilia is too prevalent and society seems to be allowing this behavior. This needs to stop. OK ranting again. We love your comments and we appreciate every single one positive or negative. Thanks for coming back and checking us out.

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Pizza-Based Sex Class In Enfield Middle School Causes Outrage

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