Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

As many time before we have reported on the massive prevalence of sick sadistic pedophiles. Well this one takes the cake because massive profits and collusion by a massively popular website. The people who watched these crimes and paid to watch these crimes, and uploaded these crimes, and allowed these crimes to continue to be hosted and viewed on this site all need to go to a military tribunal for crimes against humanity with the rest of them.


1. Pornhub Removes 10 Million Videos in Response to Allegations About Content.

2. LA protests against Pornhub: When, where will it be held and how 2 million signatures sparked the movement

3. Cases Of Nonconsensual Porn And Rape Tapes Pornhub Doesn’t Want Consumers To Know About

4. Pornhub owner sued by women claiming it made millions off sex-trafficking scheme

5. Pornhub Under Fire After Videos Of Rapes, Sex Trafficking Victims Posted To Site

6. Pornhub execs testify before Canadian ethics panel amid child sex abuse investigation

7. Pornhub should forget about the coronavirus and focus on it’s own pandemic: revenge porn

8. Pornhub, MindGeek hosted rape videos of teen sex-trafficking victims: lawsuit

9. The victims of Pornhub

10. Pornhub Exposed!

11. PornHub and Human Trafficking by Clara Dennison

12. Pornhub Verified Child Sex Trafficking.

13. How Pornhub Makes Trafficking Easy

14. The Porn Industry Is Modern-Day Slavery’: How Pornography and Sex Trafficking Are Linked

15. Hawley, Sasse lead charge against Pornhub, human trafficking

16. Want to Stop Sex Trafficking? Look to America’s Porn Addiction

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