Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

Treason from previous law makers is treason. If you do anything to hurt your country in any way it is called treason. The penalty is death. I say good riddance to these bastards.

If you take your knowledge of a government system and get paid by foreign actors and companies to their bidding, that is plane in your face treason. I you use your knowledge to gather information for others that have connections to said foreign actors that is plane treason.

It is your responsibility to find out who you give information to. There are no excuses in any situations like this period. You are responsible for your actions and what you do at any level period. Just because you had a clearance before doesn’t mean you were not hiding something or even got into new things after leaving office. These people need to be checked way more often that they apparently are.

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Bombshell book finds 23 former lawmakers who lobby for Chinese military, intelligence-linked companies

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