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Well imagine that. Decades of crying wolf on climate and other nonsense of experiments to fix climate problems. These claims need to stop and stop now.

The problem with all these claims is that their basis behind their talking point (which is literally all they have are talking point) is that they base it on 100 years of data. They don’t take the Sun and the Moon into account either. They also don’t take many other variables into account either. This is done on purpose. They have an agenda for these claims.

There have been many claims in the past based upon so called eehheemm research. First you heard in the 1970’s we are headed towards another ice age. Then that fizzled out and now we had sudden global warming. Then that fizzled out they vaguely called it “Climate Change”. Well guess what this is fizzling right now as well. So what is next oh I know cause a climate crisis and show they were right all along.

Take that thought and chew on it for a while. Because these bastards will surely create such an event in order to achieve their agenda. Just look what they are doing with this current COVID situation. Do not underestimate these horrible people.

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Scientists Conclude Dire Climate Change Models Were Wrong, Now What?

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