Horse and ManHorse and Man

It looks like this guy really pissed off the wrong person back 1400 years ago or so. It seems the guy was executed and his horse beheaded. They were buried together as punishment and surely to make an example for people to remember.

Man this story is very interesting indeed. I feel that history is full of stories that were never told or handed down. History has been handed down in stories and songs for generations so what song or story marks this event? Imagine the circumstances which caused a horse to be beheaded and its owner buried in the same grave.

All we can do at this point is to speculate. But what a story to speculate about lol. Please comment below at what might have happened for this situation to happen. I think it would be fun to compile the comments and create another article telling these stories.

Archeologists find horse beheaded in ‘unknown burial ritual’

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