You know things are horrific if an embalmer starts to speak out. The damage caused by the vax is seriously beyond comprehension. The trouble these people have in order to do their job properly is unreal.

When an embalmer starts their work they expect the blood to be watery and run really well out of the body. This is why it is tilted feet down. Why not let gravity do all the work for you.

But in the case of the vaxxed their blood is super thick and difficult to get out. So the embalmer has to use other tools and techniques to get the blood out. Then they run across many different blood clots.

These clots are massive and long and stringy and in the smaller blood vessels not in arteries. The man in the interview is worried for all the people that took the vax. I don’t blame him because I am worried for these people as well and for any children they have after the vax.

The on thing that is going to play out in the next 6 to 9 months is how many children will be different and not completely human because of these vaxes. I feel for the parents and I especially feel for the children.

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