Money and VaccinesMoney and Vaccines

A sudden big reversal by big pharma. I think something is brewing on the front and they are trying to get ahead of the narrative.

Big pharma wants to make themselves look good, despite their previous actions of the past year plus let alone before that. They are trying to get ahead of something they know is going to come to light. What ever they know or think will come will surely make them look bad as they should be.

Big pharma and the alphabet letter government health agencies have lied and conspired together for decades propping big pharma up for big profits. This is criminal at best and even murderous at its worst.

The lying and deceit from all involved including that rat bastard Fauci will be proven and shown to the entire world. My hope is the WHO will get slaughtered by this as well because they are a bunch of lying manipulative bastards as well.

Pfizer Board Member Suggests End to Mask, Vaccine Mandates

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