Money and VaccinesMoney and Vaccines

I really hope people wake the hell up from their sleepy idiotic stuck in a rut so deep they cannot see a way out. People really need to see what the true agendas were all about.

The drug companies needed a golden parachute for life. The government needed to depopulate and make a one world government. You see the depopulation was for easier control of the people and no other reason.

This climate change bull shit is exactly what it is bull shit. Why because the climate changes all the time anyways. There was a period of time when the idiotic scientist claimed we would have another ice age. Then it was global warming.

The problem is that these people talked the same talk for so long that so many people started to think for themselves that something was up with the rhetoric. I just want to see the masses finally see what are the real agendas with this COVID BS.

You see the elites and the cabal could not come out with and extremely deadly disease because if it were to come out it was from them then the extremely outnumbered elites would need to go into hiding and never come out. They would lose their power over the people.

But if the depopulation was slow and or from a giant war then it looks natural and they still have control. We have reported on this information before. Please look back at our many articles to gather more information. We love providing you with this information. Please comment on every article so we know what is good and what is bad.

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