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There ya have it folks more and more pedos getting caught. These people were shielded by the very people who were supposed to protect the kids. It is an utter shame it took this long to bring these vile people to justice.

We have reported on this so many times. In the next couple of days I will be finishing up a series of articles with included videos about this horrific practice.

So please stay tuned to this site for additional information. I know this subject is rough and tough but it needs to get out there. If people do not understand the signs and how prevalent this really is things will go right back to where they were in 50 years. I don’t know about you but I could not live with myself if I didn’t do all I can to stop this type of behavior from being so rampant.

It does not mean that there might be some people who want to be deviant like this but if we all know ho to spot the signs and educate our children to be cautious and report things will be way better.

Report: CNN Producer’s Devices Seized 17 Months Prior to Child Sex Trafficking Arrest

Police: Louisiana State U. Prof Arrested for Child Porn, Sexual Abuse of Animal

Rigby Man Sentenced to 45 Years in Federal Prison for Producing Child Pornography

Organizer of online child pornography groups sentenced to federal prison

Internet predator sentenced to federal prison for coercing children to provide sexual images

Additional defendants charged with trafficking young girls for sex

Kentucky Man Charged with Advertising Child Pornography

Monroe County Man Sentenced To 10 Years’ Imprisonment For Attempted Online Enticement Of A Minor To Engage In Sexual Activity

Orlando Man Sentenced To 50 Years For Sexually Exploiting Children Via The Internet

Las Vegas Man Gets 20 Years For Sex Trafficking Kids He Lured Online

Police nabs 3 female suspects for child trafficking in Ebonyi

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