Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

We have been reporting and writing about how nasty and prevalent pedophilia really is. How unimaginably wide spread and horrific this truly is.

I know it is a tough and bone chilling things to talk,think, and read about. But if no one is aware of what truly is going on then the future is bleak. You need to educate yourself and anyone you can to understand and be knowledgable. This will allow everyone to see this kind of behavior as abhorrent and never tolerate such ideas in the future.

Put it to you this way. You know what a bank robbery looks like right? I am sure you have some idea what to do if this were to happen in your witness. I am sure you don’t want this behavior to happen again so you educate yourself in a way so you can alert others about a possible action or even an action taking place in order to stop it. The same goes for pedophilia. People need to know the signs. People need to know what truly happens and the horrors these poor children go through.

John Griffin: CNN producer who worked with Chris Cuomo arrested for grooming minors for

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