Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

How in the hell can this go on? Why are there SO MANY PEDOPHILES and sick fuckers? This has been going on for such a very long time.

This poor girl was sold over 100 times and certainly raped many times each and every time she was sold. These people are the most disgusting and unconscionable types of humans if they really are humans.

It is just beyond all mind bending to think how these people can go through these kind of torturous horrific actions and just move along with life as if it were normal. Maybe this is a key thought because maybe it is normal behavior to these people. Maybe they grew up being abused by people like the deep state and other people who have been for generations abused in this fashion.

How these things start is when a child is abused in such a matter where their personality splits. Once it splits they the children become more susceptible for the suggestion and programming.

There are so many of these cases where people men and woman were found and pulled out of this control. The way you get through to these people is to show them the truth vie experience and talking every day all day about how there thoughts of truth is incorrect and corrupt. It takes many years for this programming to go away. But they are still susceptible to suggestions even after the deprogramming. They are unfortunately broken forever.

I just hope this pore girl is not broken. She most likely is broken and will need some major help to recover from this terror and abuse. I pray for her and all the millions of child victims alive or dead for their souls and lives to be set back to a calm and loving state and environment. Please pray for them and the adult victims as well.

Evil is Powerless

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