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Well there ya have it folks the infamous Chris Wallace is joining PNN Streaming service. PNN you know the Pedophile New Network.

This guy is really treacherous and most likely guilty of something horrific like the rest of the Trump haters. That is the pattern you know. Anyone that is so outspoken against Trump and his supporters has something they don’t want found out.

As we have seen with the Cuomo brothers, Hillary, Biden, and a slew of other Wallace is surely one of those people who is needing to hide out of the lime light. Look at all these people suddenly being struck by the COVID, or resigning from a powerful position they have held for years, politicians retiring, or even those who have committed suicide. These people have been taken to military tribunals and charged with crimes against humanity and other things.

We out number these horrific bastards so we need to hold these people accountable for their deeds. We cannot let any of this go from history. We must keep everything we can for record. I have thousands of videos and articles, and images of proof I am keeping to make sure none of this can disappear in 5 years. We need to be reminded of our complacency in all of this. WEe CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN EVER AGAIN!

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