Man these people are total knuckleheads. They are supporting the guy who clearly committed these crimes. I don’t think their elevator goes to their top floor. I think the adrenochrome has eaten it all away.

Pull the rug right from under you and boom you no longer matter because you don’t help them. What a bunch of user losers. They go along with the narrative until it does not suit them. Does this sound familiar? Well of course it does it is the Demonrats and the RINOs.

Just a bunch of despicable human beings. Very selfish and obviously only are out for themselves. Look at me I support a guy who was, oh wait it was all fake never mind. But of course these dopes knew it was not real because they are all in the same click.

So I guess whem Juicy gets ten years in the poky he will have loads of friends visiting, oh wait nope because visiting will not help their career or them get anything else either. Sucks to be him.

Oh wait Don Lemon warned him of the investigation. He then got a hold of his buddies to get the charges dropped. Do you think old Donny boy will, nnnnaaaahhh he surely will not visit him while he is in prison that is for sure. Donny boy will not want to look in a bad light of any kind. Bad career move for sure.

Hollywood Celebrities Who Backed Jussie Smollett Silent After Guilty Verdict

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