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If you say you want to know what is going on and where things are going. You say you want information but you don’t read the whole article or watch the whole video.

If you want the information you need to take the time to watch and read everything to their complete end. You cannot get a good picture of the circumstances unless you get all the information.You need to do the work in order to know the best and most important information. We filter away much of the repeated information and much of the garbage that will only confuse.

We want everyone coming here to be enlightened and body and mind. We want you to also pass on the word to wake other people up. There are people who say they want to wake up but do not believe anything except for Fox news and other MSM. And there are people who do not watch the MSM news and do not really believe most of them but still think in and old fashion not opening their minds.

As is said you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. But you can encourage the hell out of them to drink the water but make sure the water is clean enough to drink.

When everyone learns things will be better. There will certainly be some people who will never wake up until maybe 6 month to a year after this whole mess is over. There will probably be people who will never wake up and still live in the same realm as what the deep state is trying to keep us in.

We as a human race need to grow internally. We need to grow spiritually as well. When this happens we will all do better. But again I state we need to make sure we teach every generation after us and the next generation after that and on and on….

If we do not do this our peace will never last. We need to insist on everyone agreeing and understanding the importance of teaching each following generation. If this is not done this will only repeat. We need to keep this information alive in the articles, videos, and anything else that is saved. I literally have thousands of videos, images, documents, articles, and more to have a record of the enormity of what has happened and what is happening.

If you are truly wanting to know all the information in order to be enlightened you need to go back and read and watch everything until their ends. Yes sometimes it is so much information, trust me I know. But once you see the patterns that arise you will be able to learn and pickup things much faster. And in the future read and watch everything in their entirety.

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