Vaccine DeathsVaccine Deaths

It is still unbelievable people are still going in for the jabb. The MSM, doctors, nurses, politicians, and anyone else pushing this horrible jabb WILL BE HANGED for violating the NUREMBERG CODE. There is a mountain of evidence that point out that this shot is a killer, debilitates, and even makes you infertile.

Hospitals and their organizations running them are all in on the fraud. They scream bloody murder when there is none. Is this not unlike screaming fire in a crowded and people die because of your terrible prank that went wrong. These people are not trying to pull a prank they are trying to kill you and defraud you at the same time.

There is going to be so many people standing down, retiring, committing suicide, and other excuses to escape the public view. This is because they are going on military tribunal and being executed for the crimes against humanity. There has been many elites, celebrities, singers, musicians, CEO’s, politicians, and other high profile people just quitting their powerful positions out of no where. Many have already been found guilty and executed. Many have body doubles and CGI to help people perceive they are not quite gone yet. Maybe by the deep state or maybe by the white hats. Either way they are gone from existence and as far as I am concerned good riddance.

There will be Pharmacists and more held responsible for these actions as well withholding treatment prescribed from doctors. The people at the CDC and NIH and WHO and other agencies of the like will also hang in the wind.

I have zero understanding how these people can actually do these behaviors knowing that Nuremberg Codes exist. I find it beyond comprehension for sure.

My last question to pose is what is going to happen to all these people who have taken the jabb and survived not once but twice or even more times? What happens to all these poor children their idiotic parents pushed into getting jabbed? What happens to the parents who made their kids get jabbed?

There is so much to know and understand. You need to understand there are a huge number of parents and guardians who give a literal shit about the children. Are these people eventually held responsible for their actions? These and many more questions will need to be answered.

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