Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

There seems to be some movement for people to do the right thing. I say seems to be because even if this is true their may be nothing done about this. Just like the many other platitudes placed into the record by the DOJ.

Sure make it look like you are doing something but in the background do literally nothing, or even help the very person(s)/organization(s) you are accusing of crimes. This is happening, this very day with child and women trafficking. Woman and Child Sex Trafficking and other human trafficking offenses.

These people are in deep with everything. They make you join the club so they have something to hold over your head. You may also have something to hold over them making it mutual destruction. But most of the time you are the little guy with no power and you are screwed and must obey their commands.

You know what I see her is just a platitude making it look like they are trying to do something. Only charging them with these piddly crimes and not human trafficking charges and crimes against humanity this is just a blow over attempt.

Keep asking questions and never give up.

Leader Of MS-13 In Honduras And Drug Supplier For MS-13 Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Racketeering, Narcotics Trafficking, And Firearms Offenses

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