Absentee BallotAbsentee Ballot

Well finally the truth is coming out. As we all should know is that the truth will always come out.

Why in the world would any one need one million ballets not the in person ballets but the absentee ballets just before everyone votes in person. There will be absolutely no time to send out these ballets via the USPS to anyone in order to vote and send them back.

So why would people do this? The answer of course is because they have done this many times in the past and had gotten away with it every single flipping time.

The Democrats and many RINO Republicans have been cheating for decades. Why else would these doofs still be in their position? Seriously you cannot think that the people love them that much.

These politicians cheat with the help of the others in the government to stay in power. They stay in power to move an agenda nice and slow so things are less obvious. There were a few people who realized what was going on but were always called bull shitters and conspiracy theorists.

These people want power, to keep power, and to gain more power. This allows the control of people and thus your money and thus your life.

Evil Is Powerless

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